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Perfusion Technology Course and Know More on Perfusion Technologist

Perfusionist are also termed as clinical perfusion scientist or a Perfusiologist. They are the healthcare professionals who will be operating the cardiopulmonary bypass machine or the heart-lung machine while the cardiac surgery. This heart-lung machine will helps to manage the patient physiological status. Now we will discuss about the Bsc perfusion technology according to the user queries latest user queries is listed the answers to this queries will be mentioned in this article.

 “How do I get admission to a medical college in Nagpur for Bsc in perfusion technology?”
“Is perfusion technology a degree course?”
“What is the salary after completing a BSc in cardio vascular perfusion technology?”
“I would  like opt my career as perfusion technologist before I do that I would like know about the course curriculum.”

Perfusion Technologist Job Description

After getting training the perfusion technologist will assist the surgical team. In some serious surgical cases surgery cannot be performed while the heart is beating. Therefore, as mentioned the cardiopulmonary bypass machine should be used by the Perfusionist. While the open heart surgery, the flow of blood is restricted and flow of blood is delivered away from the heart and lungs into the cardiopulmonary bypass machine which oxygenates the blood and returned into the patient.

Personal skills for Perfusion Technology Course

Perfusionists must possess exceptional communication skills and also should able to focus for hours at a time. At the time of duty perfusion technologist should be able to follow complex and multiple instructions, should also work accurately and effectively during the stressful situation. Similarly they should also collect the detailed record of the patient.

Perfusion Technology Colleges in India

  • Yenepoya University
  • Anna Science and Management College
  • Empire College of Science

Eligibility for Colleges That Offer Perfusion Technology Majors

  • Two-year Pre-University examination or Biology as subjects of study. OR
  • The vocational higher secondary education course conducted by Government of Kerala with subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English OR
  • The candidate who has passed the diploma program can enter as Lateral entry to the second year.

B.Sc. in Perfusion Tech.: Admission Process

Assessment of candidates for admission is based on their performance at the 10+2 level, entrance exam, and personal interview. Subsequently, candidates are assessed and shortlisted.

Course Curriculum : B.Sc. Perfusion Technology

First Year:

Sl No. Subjects
1 Human Anatomy
2 Physiology
3 Biochemistry
4 Pathology – (Clinical Pathology, Hematology & Blood – Banking)
5 Microbiology

Second Year:

Sl No. Subjects
1 Medicine relevant to perfusion technology
2 Section A. Applied Pathology Section B. Applied Microbiology
3 Applied Pharmacology
4 Introduction to Perfusion Technology

Third Year:

Sl No. Subjects
1 Perfusion Technology – Clinical
2 Perfusion Technology – Applied
3 Perfusion Technology – Advanced

“After the successful B.Sc. Perfusion Technology course completion of three years the students will get a mandatory six months internship program.”

Job Position & Salary for Perfusion Technologist

Job Title Salary for Perfusion Tech
Cardiac Perfusionist INR 12,00,000
Per Fusionist INR 11,00,000
Medical Case Review Physician INR 16,00,000
Pediatric Cardiologist INR 3,00,000
Lecturer INR 3,40,000

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