Is Lok Sabha Election 2019 Worth to People?


Lok sabha election 2019: Do we require for a change in fortune?

The 2019 general elections are on the way.  What all do we require for a change in fortune?  

Our society is now keenly interested to re-structure the political arena. During the upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2019, People love pointing out mistakes but don’t bother at all to contribute in any possible way they could for the prosperity of the nation.

Since 2014, India witnessed a series of policies and schemes that were never heard of before and the people were mesmerized by its advertisements telecasted and published by the media. The hype created was ecstatic and the people expected a lot. The result is an unending road with cautions and detours full of dead end.

Lok sabha election 2019: General Economic Condition in India

As of 2019, the demand for consumer goods such as daily groceries, apparel, electronic goods and other commodities is declining both in urban and rural areas. In India, People are spending only on basic necessities and very less on discretionary purchases. In Indian Economy, They are holding back purchase decisions until elections as most people in smaller markets are self-employed and any government or policy change can have a big impact on their earnings. Industries are expecting that in the coming months the economy will recover from the temporary slowdown and revive the demand for goods and services.

Current Education scenario: Translation into better education.

The quality of the education system in rural India has its share of structural flaws such as lack of effort and projects on changing syllabuses, student assessments, and a severe shortage of teachers. Also, the rate of dropouts has gone high. Certain suggestions provided by veteran think-tanks to solve these various issues are,

  1.  Moving teachers from surplus to deficit schools
  2. Restructuring complicated teacher cadres
  3. Increased investment in teacher recruitment through better planning
  4. Focusing on what competencies the students have mastered based on their learning potential
  5. Employees need to be trained to work with data and technology
  6. Flexible Education Budgets

In Madhya Pradesh, nearly 10,000 teachers were moved from surplus to deficit schools. This process was undertaken through an online teacher rationalization process.  The bottom schools in Jharkhand are assessed using real-time school monitoring data to provide targeted support through academic registers, thereby providing better education. Such similar strategies have begun implementation in Odisha and Haryana. Can’t this strategy be adopted by all the schools in India…It will need political courage and the confluence of bureaucracy, civil society and the private sector.

Lok sabha election 2019: Current Employment  Crisis

The current biggest problem in India is –job crisis.  Every year the Budget session in Parliament announces various job guarantee schemes for employing maximum people with reference to future prospects of the nation. But these projects always lead to dire situations. As a citizen, did we want the same after Lok Sabha election 2019?

As of March 2019, around 8.4 Crore persons had demanded work under MGNREGS. This highlights the situation of unemployment in rural areas too.  Even manual labour is facing the symptom of job scarcity because of the lapse in the wage employment scheme. This scheme only provided wages for 43 days of work on average in a whole year instead of the 100 days guaranteed under the scheme.

The Labor Bureau which determines the recent employment trends has pointed out that if there is a rise or decline in industrial production, it can increase the rate of employment or affect the creation of jobs. Natural calamities such as flood, drought, earthquake and global warming can lead to employment wreckage which further leads to Employment crisis.

Not expectations but demands: A vote for Educated candidate

People living in urban and sub-urban places are already voicing their demands and views candidly via online and Television media. Now the entire nation has spread the encouraging message to cast majority of votes to educated candidates with experience, skill, and matured enough to understand the feelings of people. Even educated citizens and active social workers deserve an opportunity to contest in the forthcoming Lok sabha election 2019. They have a sharp focus to serve and uplift the people living in slum areas and other undeveloped localities.

The 20th century has put the world in a phase of fast forward development. It is time to refine the Indian political system. The people deserve honest educated candidates with commitment and determination to lead the nation. The power to bring the change is in our hands. One finger, one vote.

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