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Take Notes Digitally? Or Handwritten

Why teachers discourage the use of electronics, including laptops in the class?. They fear that taking notes digitally may divide the attention of the students and might distract them from the subject. While, out-of-class assignments are done electronically, students are encouraged to rely on their computers to complete all their homework. Now the teachers must question the relevance of taking down notes digitally than handwritten.

The Charm of Digital Notes vs Handwritten

In 2016, a research conducted by The Michigan State University found that the digital notes in class actually led students to earn low test scores, regardless of their level of academic performance. The study found that in an introductory psychology class the students spent an average of 37 minutes using the internet to do things unrelated to the subject from online shopping to browsing various social media. Students get answers to their questions swiftly and accurately. They have various web sources to share progress, find help, and build digital projects. Internet has its tricks of false activities such as stealing confidential data and malpractice more than educational uses during class time. Finding a balance between the pros and cons can be challenging for students.

Hands do Matter! The Benefits of Writing

In a study published in Psychological Science, it was found that students who took down notes by handwritten understood the contents of the material much better than their classmates who typed out their notes digitally in a laptop or tab during the class. The human manner of writing by hand benefits students to think more critically about the information they were choosing to write down. Writing by hand trains complex motor skills and encourages more creativity, as writing on paper offers more relief than taking digital notes.

The Future Academia is Here: Take Notes Digitally

Digital technology is currently developing new classroom-centered software which will create opportunities for students to use new digital sources to actively engage with the material they are learning while the professor is teaching it. A professor at the University of Michigan introduced the Echo360 Active Learning Platform in his classroom and found that more students participated with the learning platform during the class.

The use of laptop to take down notes digitally during class time can also help students to do quick online searches or browse for more information on the topic, expanding their exposure to the material. Typing notes may also have the ability to organize it effectively through tools such as tables, digital organizers, and graphics. It has the added benefit of avoiding to read messy handwritten later on.

We need to keep up with the present world.

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