Nursing Profession & It’s Absolute Necessity


The history of BSc Nursing profession starts from primitive age, although it was not so scientific and technical as of today. Stone-age people used herbs, herbal extracts and tree barks to dress wounds and healing cuts. As science and technology grew, nursing has developed into a thorough profession, next to medical courses.

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What is the actual meaning and intent of the word ‘Nursing’? This question was asked to hundreds of medical and para-medical students and in hospitals and nursing homes. No one could answer properly. It is: ‘Foster Mother’. A real mother has the casual responsibility of carrying her pregnancy just for 280 days. After the delivery of the baby, it is the duty of the nurse to foster it, nourish it, grow it.

It is a tedious affair to list out the responsibilities of a nurse. But the pivotal role of the nurse comes into action at the stage of convalescing of the patient after recovery from surgery or trauma care.

As more and more specialty and super-specialty hospitals come up almost on a daily basis around the globe, the dependability of nurses increase day by day.  Indian Nurses are in great demand in all the developing countries.

Let me tell you a secret. It was the profession of Malayali girls as nurses. Gradually attracted by the humoculous dignity of the profession, many others from other parts of India joined the profession. But, I am proud to say that there is nobody in the world to off-beat a Malayali Nurse.

Tail piece:   In Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’, the doctor addresses the nurse, ‘…Miss Thimkumee…’  It was actually Thankamma, a Malayali Nurse.  You know the knack of the British to distort any Indian name……Namasthe!


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