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The Dental Council of India (DCI) has submitted a proposal of a medical bridge course post BDS course to the Union Health Ministry. Can a dentist be a physician? The medical bridge course (BDS Bridge Course) enables BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) doctors to practice as physicians too. Similarly, the dental doctors can provide primary healthcare to patients. At the same time, this shortens the recent shortfall or the gap of doctors in India.

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The Dental Council of India has taken the decision of BDS Bridge course after considering the possible scope of clinical exposure for a BDS level candidate. Also, the DCI president Mr. Dibyendu Mazumdar has reviewed the medical bridge course as:

  • The right time to utilize the human resources.
  • Dual purpose of extending dental as well as medical health care.
  • Dual purpose of extending dental as well as medical health care.
  • Dentistry, being a part of allopathy will mould capable health professionals.

Details Medical/ BDS Bridge  Course – Bridge Course for BDS to MBBS 2019

The duration of the Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) course in India is 4 years including 1 year of internship. Whereas for the post BDS medical bridge course:

  • The duration is of 3 years for BDS in India.
  • The admission would be either through a common entrance exam or through total marks verified in the BDS course, or even a combination.

Also, the course criteria recommendations are similar to the MBBS course level in,

  • Degree and Registration
  • Method of Evaluation
  • Scheme of Examination
  • Curriculum of Syllabus

IMA and AAYUSH Approach to Bridge Course to Physician

Both MBBS and BDS programme consists of similar subjects of study during the first year. Whereas the difference comes in the final year of both the courses as BDS covers specialty in dentistry. The medical bridge course proposal of the Dental Council of India has received an agreement from NITI Ayog – the think tank of the Government. The 3 year medical bridge course moulds and enables the dentists to practice as general physicians. This Bridge programme will definitely fill the shortage of physician in India to a good extent. IMA and AAYUSH Practitioners in huge against the programme. Post BDS bridge medical course proposal receives strong protest.

Protest Against Bridge Course for BDS in India

The Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Union Health Ministry has to co-operate for the implementation of the post BDS medical bridge course. In addition to the discussion at the PMO or Prime Minister’s Office has given the approval to NITI Aayog for exploring the various options to help shorten the lack of physicians in the country. However, the Aayush practitioners has protested strongly against BDS Bridge course the decision by the above mentioned offices and councils. The main reason being that it will make Physicians (Naturopathy, Unani, Yoga, Sidha) jobless. Also, it will lead to an increase in the rate of unemployment among them. The officials in agreement to the post BDS medical bridge course in India has surveyed that it will greatly benefit the rural areas. Even there are disagreements and difference of opinions among students and academic officials regarding the difficulties that will appear.

  • The duration of the BDS course is 4 years with an internship of 1 year.
  • Also, a three year post BDS bridge programme will extend the duration of the overall dental course further.
  • From the 4 year duration BDS to the 3 year bridge course to receive the undergraduate degree.
  • The fees of the BDS course will increase per semester making it more burden to the students and their guardians.

As per the media and news sources, the IMA (Indian Medical Association) has forced the government to disagree with the proposal of the DCI. Also, the IMA could organize a nationwide protest, if the DCI and the Government does not drop the idea of the bridge course. Several medical professionals in India have voiced through the social media their points of view to the issue.

  • That it is a fake idea and proposal by the DCI and MCI
  • To show that the government is taking extra care of the medical professionals
  • The Union Ministry will never pass the implementation bill as this is a hype created by the government
  • The duration and the cost of the overall BDS course becoming more hectic
  • A comprehensive plan by the higher officials in the health ministry to fill the shortage of doctors in rural areas
  • Also, a rumour that the dentists to receive equal professional demand and respect to MBBS

So far, the discussions and meetings have only led to considering opinions, challenges and possibilities to approve the bill to implement it. The BDS candidates are awaiting a fruitful and hopeful result.

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