Bachelor of Hospitality Science – BHS Course, Admission


The Bachelor of Hospitality Science – BHSdegree has been designed to offer to the eligible students the learning of management of

  • Nourishment
  • Beverage
  • Accommodation along with general management

It will assist the candidates in getting the specialised and operational points of view required for functioning in the hospitality and services sector.

BHS  – Bachelor of Hospitality Science – Admission Eligibility

The Bachelor of Hospitality Science is a 3-year regular undergraduate Hospitality course. The candidates seeking admission to the BHS or Bachelor of Hospitality Science program must fulfil the following criteria

  • A 50% pass in 10+2 or HSC is mandatory
bachelor of hospitality science bhs

BHS  –  Bachelor of Hospitality Science – Syllabus

Following are the list of subjects to study in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Hospitality Science course. They are tabulated below,

Bhs Course Details First  Semester Syllabus   Bhs Course Details  Second Semester Syllabus
 Food Production Patisserie I Food Production and Patisserie 2
Food and Beverage Service I Food and Beverage Service 2
Front Office I Front Office 2
Housekeeping I Housekeeping 2
Rooms Division (Practical) I Rooms Division (Practical) II
Communication Skills (English and French) 1 Communication Skills (English and French) 2
Information Technology Principle of Hotel Accountancy
Food, Safety and Nutrition Principles of Management
Third Semester – Industrial exposure training
Bhs Course Details Fourth Semester Syllabus   Bhs Course Details  fifth Semester Syllabus
Food Production and Patisserie 3 Food Production and Patisserie 4
Food and Beverage Service 3 Food and Beverage Management 1
Front Office 3 Front Office 4
Housekeeping 3 Housekeeping 4
Rooms Division (Practical) 3 Rooms Division (Practical) 4
Hotel Accountancy and Cost Control Hospitality Marketing and Strategic Management For Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Law and Human Resource Management Environmental Studies
Management Information system in Hospitality Industry Financial Management
Bhs Course Details  Sixth semester  Syllabus
Food production and Patisserie 5
Food  Beverage Management 2
Front Office 5
Housekeeping 5
Entrepreneur and Enterprise Management
Organisation Behaviour
Core Elective / Allied Elective

Other fundamental skills for the course are computer skills to gather and present information in spreadsheets and databases.

The individuals who are eager to become an educator or Teacher at higher degree level for example – college both in private and government institutions also are eligible.

They ought to have a benevolent personality, ability to handle individuals and work pressure, deadlines, great authority skills which are vital for the Hospitality Science course.

Bachelor of Hospitality Science | BHS – Scope of the Course

The Bachelor of Hospitality Science or BHS course provides global exposure to the graduates in

  • Tourism and travel sector
  • Reputed chains of hotels
  • Cabin group of airlines all around the globe
  • Ships on cruise
  • Retail industry

The course B.Sc. Hospitality Science also provides a far-reaching inside and out laboratory work for students to gain the information and the necessary expertise standards for the functioning of the,

  • Tourism Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • General Management
  • Catering Operations
  • Food and Beverage (management and production

The students will demonstrate their computer skills to address management challenges in the fields of

  • Marketing
  • Cost control
  • Human resource management
  • Visitor administration skills

Likewise, the students apply tools to monitor the management and functioning of everyday services of lodging and nourishment administration business.

The candidate must have proper sanitation strategies and techniques, appropriate utilisation of common kitchen and dining room management.

B.Sc. Hospitality Science  Career in Demand

The consistently expanding travel and tourism and hospitality sector is continually looking for crisp ideas, youthful, persevering individuals.

The most popular job profiles for B.Sc. Hospitality Science graduates are,

  • Hotel Manager
  • Cabin crew
  • Field supervisor
  • Catering officer
  • Hospitality Executive
  • Host and Hostess

The sectors that offer job opportunities to B.Sc. Hospitality Science are,

  • Airlines
  • Retail Industry
  • Tourism
  • Cruise ships
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
bachelor of hospitality science bhs


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