BBA LLB: Full Form, Course Overview, Colleges, Admission


BBA LLB or Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate administrative law professional integrated course. The course is combined with the study of Law and Business administration.

B.B.A. L.L.B, the combined course provides an integrated understanding of the interrelationship of management studies and law in their whole than in indicated areas.

Law, it is a lot of ordered guidelines and regulations under which any society or nation is represented.

The BBA LLB or Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Legislative Law is called an integrated course because its curriculum involves the study of commerce and business administration and so on along with the top to bottom study of law and assembly. The mode of instruction is generally English except if indicated.

BBA LLB Course: Eligibility

The duration of the BBA LLB Course integrated course is of 5 years and regular attendance based integrated program.

The candidates seeking admission to this course BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Legislative Law must fulfil the following criteria,

  • A fifty per cent pass (50%) in 10+2 or HSC (any stream) or its equivalent from a recognized board
  • Effective skills in speaking and writing the English language
  • CLAT score or National Level Common Law Admission Test is mandatory in certain institutes as they are accepted for admission. While some other colleges these are not compulsory.

BBA – LLB Syllabus

Following are the subjects to study in the curriculum of the 5 years integrated BBA-LLB program. They are listed below,

First semester Second semester
General English English literature, legal writing, legal citations, legal terms and maxim
Principles of Management Business Communication
Business Statistics Socio-legal Institutions in India
Law of tort including MVA French(i)/ Hindi(i) /Assamese(i) (anyone)
Law of general contract 1 Law of contract II
Business Economics Indian economic environment
Third semester Fourth semester
Communicative English and legal transition Financial management
Marketing management Organizational Behaviour – Major (4)
Financial Accounting Strategic Management – Major (5)
Hindi(ii) / French(ii) / Assamese (ii) French(iii)/ Hindi(iii)/Assamese(iii) (anyone)
Constitutional law of India (I) Constitutional law of India (ii)
Legal economics Jurisprudence (i)
Fifth semester Sixth semester
Human resource management Code of civil procedure and limitation Act 1
Banking and Insurance management (Major 6) Family Law (ii)
Family Law (i) Law of crimes (Indian penal code) (ii)
Law of crimes (Indian Penal code)(i) (i)Any one subject – IPL(trademark/copyright/patent and design), Constitutional law, Indian federalism criminology, criminal psychology, Business law : equity and trust
Criminal procedure code (i) (ii) any one subject – IPL- Informational technology- Cyber law, constitutional law, comparative constitution criminology, Criminal law business, Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Jurisprudence (ii)                               —-
Seventh semester Eighth semester
Code of civil procedure and limitation Act (i) Law of evidence (i)
Administrative law Labour and industrial law
Company law Property law
Drafting, pleading and conveyancing Moot court exercise and internship(CCC ii)
Optional (i) – Information technology and computer application, criminology, Insurance law Optional (ii) – Intellectual Property, Law and right to information
Anyone subject – IPL –IPR management Constitutional law – local self-government including  Panchayat Administration criminology –Prison Administration Business law – Insurance law  Anyone subject – Patent drafting, specification writing constitutional law- Interpretation of statute and Principal of legislation criminology – Penology and Victimology,  Business law- direct taxes.
Business law – International banking and Finance / Seminar (i) Seminar (ii)
Ninth semester Tenth semester
Law of evidence (ii)  Principle of Taxation Law
Labour and industrial law (ii) Environmental Law
Public International law Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting system(CCC-4)
Alternate Disputes Resolution(ccc iii) Optional 5  (any one) – land law including tenancy Act, Private International Law, Women and Criminal Law
Optional (3) (anyone) – International organizations/ banking law/ child and juvenile offence Optional 6 – Interpretation of Statues and Principles of Legislation, International Environment law   
  Anyone subject – patent constitutional law, citizenship and Immigration law, Criminology – IT offences, Business law – Competition Law
Anyone  subject – IPL-IPR litigation in trademarks and design, Constitutional law – Health law, Criminology- white-collar crime, Business law corporate governance – Seminar (iii)                                               Seminar – 4

Top BBA LLB Colleges in India

  1. TNDALU – Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai
  2. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
  3. Government Law College (GLC Thrissur)
  4. Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration -LLB – Scope of the Course

The Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Legislative Law brings in opportunities in both the law sector and the business sector.

The course BBA-LLB broadens one’s area of ability and can fill in as a Specialist in any one field and part-timer in another.

Businesses offer to require lawful services and if a person is proficient in both business and law, he or she can get additional advantages because of holding two posts one after another.

The course is best for individuals who need more from one Degree course. The candidates pursuing BBA-LLB course receive the best from the dual subjects. Certainly, BBA-LLB program caters to both interests within a span of five years.

BBA – LLB – Career in Scope

The BBA-LLB specialization provides top to bottom information about the intricacies of corporate laws and regulatory affairs.

Corporate Law consists of rules, practices, and regulations that oversee the formation as well as the operation of corporations

orporate Laws manage forming, owning, operating and managing of a corporation

The most sought after job profiles of BBA+LLB graduates are,

  • Advocate
  • Lecturer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Solicitor
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Finance Manager
  • Law Reporter
  • Assistant Advisor
  • Deputy Legal Advisor
  • Business Consultant

The sectors that offer employment opportunities are,

  • Revenue Departments
  • Consultancies
  • Banks
  • Business houses
  • Courts
  • Sales tax and Excise departments


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