BSc Bachelor of Science Physician Assistant Degree (BA PA) – Admission, Eligibility

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BSc. Physician Assistant Course Details or Bachelor of Science Physician Assistant (BA PA)

B.Sc. Physician Assistant course provides a profound insight into the direction on preventive health care, analysis and treat diseases, request and interpreting tests, assisting in surgery, and so forth.

The Bachelor of Science Physician Assistant Degree (BA PA) course is also beneficial for further investigations such as M.Sc., M.Phil. , Ph. D and so forth as it provides a good basic information for the higher investigations.

The course Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant studies (BS) is designed to include all the subjects identified with:

  • Examining and treating patients
  • Interpreting laboratory X-Rays
  • Perform diagnosis
  • To teach and guide patients and their families and so forth

  • Physician Assistant is a skilled health care professional who is qualified with academic and clinical training to give health care services under the supervision of a specialist.

    The training that they get prepares them to give analytic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services. The Bachelor of Science Physician Assistant programs is designed to train the students in examining and treating patients along with interpreting X-ray result in laboratory to perform the diagnosis.

    bachelor of science physician assistant degree (ba pa)

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    A Physician Assistant also has several other responsibilities such as:

  • Treating minor injuries
  • Preparing and preserving progress notes
  • Performing certain administrative obligations

  • B.Sc. Bachelor of Science Physician Assistant Degree (BA PA) – Admission Eligibility

    The colleges offering BSc Physician Assistant is a regular medical undergraduate course with the duration of 3 years. The candidates willing to seek admission to this medical program must fulfil the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 50% pass in 10+2 or HSC (with Physics, Chemistry and Biology is mandatory.
  • Good written and communication skills.

  • BSc Physician Assistant Syllabus 2019

    Following are the subjects in the curriculum to study in B.Sc. Physician Asst medical course. They are tabulated below,

    First Year
    Introduction to Computers
    Spoken English/Technical Writing
    Patient-Oriented Communication Skills
    In-service training 1 (Lab Rotation)
    Second Year
    Pharmacology and Medicine
    Anaesthesiology, Equipments, Surgery
    Geriatrics and Paediatrics
    Clinical Microbiology
    Gynaecology and Obstetrics
    In-service training 2 (Clinical department rotation)
    Third Year
    Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology
    Pulmonology / Nephrology
    Orthopaedics / Gastroenterology
    In-service training 3 (surgical department rotation)
    bachelor of science physician assistant degree (ba pa)

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    B.S.c in Physician Assistant – Scope of the Course

    By pursuing B.Sc. Physician Assistant course, the students learn the skill in a particular field that are recognised as pre-essentials for further advanced professional degree or in the Industry.

    The Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant guarantees the enrolled students to procure profound knowledge and information of the pre-imperatives for the physician assistant and the related things.

    Students can specialise in a wide assortment of topics ranging from primary care to emergency services.

    A Physician Assistant is a person who works either at a clinic or a hospital or other health facilities and is managed by a Doctor.

    The B.Sc. Physician Asst. medical course provides job opportunities at:

  • Hospitals
  • Private practices
  • Outpatient care centres
  • Traditional office settings
  • Academic medical centres
  • Prisons

  • It is also beneficial for further examinations such as M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. and so forth it gives a good base for it.

    bachelor of science physician assistant degree (ba pa)
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    BSc Physician Assistant Job Opportunities – Career & Scope

    The main job of the Physician Assistant is to give symptomatic, therapeutic and preventive health care services.

    Physician Assistant in the working field consists of the medical caretaker practitioner, Advanced Practice Clinician, and so on. The significance of the Physician Assistant is growing continuously over the past decade.

    Career opportunities for the B.Sc. Physician Assistant are:

  • Medical services sector
  • Government medical services
  • Colleges

  • The popular job profiles for Physician Assistant medical professionals are:

  • Personal health facilitator
  • Clinical associate
  • Clinical associate
  • Teacher/ Lecturer/Professor
  • Drug Safety Associate
  • Dietician
  • Ortho Physician Associate

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