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What is the Scope of Dentistry/ Dentist in India or Scope of BDS


What is the Scope of Dentistry- Know More on Scope of BDS in Kerala Kerala, the God’s Own Country in India is the state with the highest percentage of literacy rate. Also , the state is now one of the major hubs to start a career as a dentist and also to pursue BDS and MDS courses. The below article discussed about “what is the Scope of Dentistry?”. The scope to practice as a dentist in private...

BDS Bridge Course | Can a Dentist be a Physician | Bridge Course for BDS in India


Explore More on Bridge Course | Bridge Course for BDS to MBBS The Dental Council of India (DCI) has submitted a proposal of a medical bridge course post BDS course to the Union Health Ministry. Can a dentist be a physician? The medical bridge course (BDS Bridge Course) enables BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) doctors to practice as physicians too. Similarly, the dental doctors can provide primary...

Physiotherapy – The Ambrosia for Whole Body Ailments


Physiotherapy, likewise referred to as physical therapy, is a unified wellbeing profession that utilizes biomechanics or kinesiology. Physiotherapists can enable patients to recuperate from wounds and inabilities going from back pain, neck pain, knees pain to ligament issues. Physiotherapy to Boost Your Mobility and Strength     Physiotherapy is also known as Panchakarma according to Ayurveda...

Nursing Profession & It’s Absolute Necessity


The history of BSc Nursing profession starts from primitive age, although it was not so scientific and technical as of today. Stone-age people used herbs, herbal extracts and tree barks to dress wounds and healing cuts. As science and technology grew, nursing has developed into a thorough profession, next to medical courses. Call Us : +91 9847777622 or +91 9847777522 To know more on BSc Nursing...

Notes Digitally or Handwritten – See the Best Efficient Method


Take Notes Digitally? Or Handwritten Why teachers discourage the use of electronics, including laptops in the class?. They fear that taking notes digitally may divide the attention of the students and might distract them from the subject. While, out-of-class assignments are done electronically, students are encouraged to rely on their computers to complete all their homework. Now the teachers...

From Bsc Perfusion Technology to Perfusion Technologist


Perfusion Technology Course and Know More on Perfusion Technologist Perfusionist are also termed as clinical perfusion scientist or a Perfusiologist. They are the healthcare professionals who will be operating the cardiopulmonary bypass machine or the heart-lung machine while the cardiac surgery. This heart-lung machine will helps to manage the patient physiological status. Now we will discuss...

Find Best Bsc Forensic Science Colleges In India 2019


Searching – Best Colleges for Forensic Science? If you are confused while opting a college, just inform us about the course or interested areas which you are searching for we may be able to guide you to the best college in this era. “Think differently from those who worry about today’s trend and you learn for tomorrow.” Forensic Science- A Quick Look Forensic Science is filled with...


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