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The medical Post Graduate course MD Physiology course covers

  • Allied health subjects
  • Non-science majors
  • Processes of common diseases in human beings
  • Respiratory and conceptive systems
  • Basic bio-chemistry

Also with the study of issues related to

  • Cardiovascular
  • Cells and tissues
  • Endocrine
  • Skeletal
  • Anatomical
  • Urinary
  • Stomach
  • Immunity
MD Physiology

In this MD Physiology medical PG course, students will figure out how to build up an understanding of the structure and function of the key systems of the human body.

Similarly, the Physiology MD course includes certain laboratory components like

  • Spinal cords
  • Internal organs
  • Brian
  • Blood vessels
  • Skin
  • Joints
  • Bones
  • Dissection
  • Physiological concepts through experimentation

MD  Physiology  Course: Eligibility Admission

The duration of Physiology medical PG course (MD- Doctor of Medicine) is of 3 years.

A candidate should have the following qualifications listed below to pursue this MD course in Physiology,     

  • A pass in 10+2 or (HSC) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology is mandatory
  • MBBS qualification from a recognized University (approved by MCI)
  • A valid NEET PG score

MD Physiology: Syllabus

Following are the subjects to study in the curriculum of the medical program Doctor of Medicine in Physiology course,

1st year

General Physiology Physiology of Excitable Tissue
Neurophysiology Special Science
Blood Endocrinology and Metabolism
Gastrointestinal Function Excretory System

2nd Year

Medical Gastroenterology Endocrinology including Diabetology
Clinical biochemistry Haematology
Clinical pathology Anatomy
Community medicine Urology

3rd Year


. Candidates who have a keen interest in Physiology and its similar fields are apt for this course

. Similarly, students who can choose, recognize, impart, and compose information, and who have basic learning in computing and insights using spreadsheets and presentation are suitable to pursue this course

. Meritorious medical graduates who have problem-solving and diagnostic skills, designing analyses, and developing a hypothesis to address the questions asked by the patients or clients can definitely apply for this course

Doctor of Medicine in  Physiology Medical  Course  in  Scope

M.D. Physiology is beneficial to realize on how the body functions. A physiologist may need to analyze and treat a real issue that occurs in the organs of a cardiovascular, hepatic, and stomach related system.

The course is also beneficial for further examinations such as Ph.D. and so forth as it gives a good base for it.

MD Physiology Doctors can also become a researcher (medical), where they plan and conduct trials and experiments to increase the body of logical information and scientific knowledge on topics identified with medicine.

Likewise the MD Physiologist Doctors can become a language and speech therapist where they work intimately with infants, youngsters and grown-ups who have various levels of communication problems.

MD Physiology Doctors are able to demonstrate in an assortment of clinical settings to take care of demonstrative and therapeutic problems. On such surroundings, the experiments or research would be on patient care and human health.

The MD Physiologists get to participate in various workshops, seminars, health journals, demonstration in the allied departments, to get various skills for collaborative research.

The Physiology Doctors can specialise further in areas of,

. Gastrointestinal Physiology

. Critical care Science

. Respiratory Physiology

. Rest Physiology

. Neurophysiology

. Cardiac Sciences

. Audiology

MD Physiology

Doctor of Medicine in  Physiology Scope of Job

The opportunities for MD Physiology Doctors are more in both the private and public sectors. Also, there are plenty of chances to pursue a Physiologist career abroad too.

Sectors of employment

. Pharmaceutical Firms

. Research Centres

. Firms related to Biotechnology

. Defence services

. Armed Forces

. Medical Colleges/Institutions

. Private and Government Hospitals

MD  Physiology Job Profiles

. Therapeutic Radiographer

. Physiotherapist

. Healthcare Scientist

. Research Scientist

. Pharmacologist

. Clinical Research Associate

. Exercise Physiologist

. Scientist – Biomedical

. Trainer – Anatomy and Physiology

. Professor

. Clinical Analyst

MD Physiology Doctors maintain the distinction of the discipline amongst the various kinds of medical professionals.

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