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MD Nephrology admissions

M.D.  Nephrology is a postgraduate medical program in medicine dealing with kidneys and diseases identified with it. The specialty is concerned with

  • Kidney functions
  • Kidney problems
  • Treatment (medication and diet)

Nephrology also critically involves the processes of dialysis and kidney transplantation. A person specializing in the care and treatment of kidney diseases is called a Nephrologist or a Renal Physician.

The speciality MD Nephrology manages the diagnosis and treatment of all these aforementioned diseases by performing blood tests, urine tests, and biopsies to determine the diseases affecting the kidney. Treatment techniques include medication, regulation of electrolyte, dialysis, blood pressure and kidney transplantation. Kidney diseases are basic since the symptoms don’t appear in the beginning and in numerous cases the disease goes undetected.

MD  Nephrology  Course  Eligibility  For  Admission

The Doctor of Medicine medical course or MD in Nephrology is of the duration of 3 years and regular. The candidates willing to seek admission to MD in Nephrology must fulfil the following admission eligibility criteria,

  • A pass in 10+2 or HSC (with Physics, Chemistry and Biology) is mandatory
  • M.B.B.S qualification from a recognized medical college or university and approved by the MCI
  • A valid NEET PG score

Doctor of Medicine in Nephrology Syllabus of the Course

The 3 year MD Nephrology course has the following subjects in the curriculum to study for the medical students. They are tabulated in the list below,

Basics of Kidney
Normal structure and functions of kidney
Disorders of Body Fluid Volume and Composition
Disorders of Kidney Structure and Function
Genetics of Kidney Disease
Hypertension and The Kidney
The Consequences of Advanced Kidney Disease
Conservative Management of Kidney Disease
Dialysis and Extracorporeal Therapies
Paediatric Nephrology
Kidney Transplantation
Global Considerations in Kidney Disease
Challenges in Nephrology
Pharmacology and Drug
Urinary Tract Infection
Haemodialysis and  Peritoneal Dialysis
MD Nephrology

Candidates who are thinking of having a special education or need to become a kidney specialist easily can go for MD Nephrology. They can also apply for further higher research studies as they obtain good learning and experience on research works. Students pursuing MD Nephrology post graduate medical program must have great communication skills and other conscious social behaviour is also good suit for this Doctor of Medicine Nephrology course.

MD in Nephrology  – Scope  of  The  Course

The PG program MD Nephrology enables medical students in interpreting significant imaging and laboratory results and to independently perform surgeries. MD in Nephrology also trains students on renal biopsy, interpretation of biopsy and other invasive methodology.

MD in Nephrology course provides training focusing in the field of Nephrology, encompassing the physiology of kidney, diseases identified with kidney and treatment options. The course MD Nephrology enables students to create satisfactory skills for indicative and therapeutic interventions and ability to treat kidney illnesses by using important therapeutic models. It centres on imparting medical skills in identification of renal problems.

Another sub-branch is Paediatric Nephrology which manages the study of kidney structure and diseases in infants, kids and teenagers. Paediatric nephrologists specifically offer services for the care and treatment of youngsters with kidney ailments including intense kidney conditions or chronic conditions such as hypertension.

Candidates selected to the MD Nephrology course work under the supervision of the department’s Assistant Professors and senior instructors, and are trained in decision-making and professional ethic-building, both in clinical and investigative aspects of Nephrology.

Each student pursuing MD Nephrology receive broad training in internal medicine, and on how they will treat their patients for other medical ailments besides kidney problems.

In Dialysis centers an MD Nephrologist will set up the strategies and methods for how the center should run, how dialysis medications ought to be done and what jobs the representatives at the center will do in the process.

so the MD Nephrology Doctors can become specialists on all forms of dialysis treatment such as Haemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis and figure out how to perform kidney biopsies, tests during which small bits of tissue are gathered from the kidney for examination under a magnifying instrument or microscope.

MD Nephrology Top Colleges in India

  1. PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore
  2. Govt Medical College, Kottayam
  3. Govt Medical College, Malappuram
  4. Yenepoya University, Mangalore

Doctor of Medicine Nephrology  – Career in Demand

As of 2019, kidney diseases have increased lately and there is a tremendous demand of MD Nephrology Doctors coming up in private clinics and dialysis centers.

The MD Nephrology candidates can become specialist consultant Nephrologists of renal disease management and will be responsible for all aspects relating to the medical care of both in and outpatients in the facility.

Teaching is also another good option for them subsequent to passing MD Nephrology PG medical program effectively. They can also run hospitals both in partnership and their very own in form of independent profession.

The popular job profiles for MD Nephrology doctors are,

. Dialysis medical officer

. Nephrology specialist

. Nephrologist

. Professor (Nephrology)

. Junior Resident Doctor

The sectors that provide employment opportunities are

. Hospitals (private and public)

. Dialysis centres

. Medical colleges

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